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Brass Barn Polka Band

Nelson - Brass Barn Polka Band
Securely holding down the polka scene in the Twin Cities, The Brass Barn Polka Band is made up of young men from Minnesota and Wisconsin. There is even a member representing the great polka history in Pittsburgh!  The BBPB formed in the Fall of 2009 and has since performed in concert halls, bars, restaurants, and rock clubs around the Twin Cities. To book the BBPB for your festival or event, contact Eric (info below left). He's our tuba player and fearless leader.

"Brass Barn Polka brings authentic polka sounds, rousing energy, and an enthusiastic crowd to every Kramarczuk's performance, including our annual Kielbasa Festival. One of our favorite bands to work with – nice guys who are musicians with real talent."  Nick Kramarczuk, Kramarczuk Sausage Co. 
Nelson Devereaux - Brass Barn Polka   Just shoot us an email - Like us on Facebook
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The Tasty Tones

Nelson - Tasty Tones
A 9 piece horn band from the Twin Cities, the Tasty Tones play dance and party music of funk's hey-day. Everything from James Brown to Tower of Power to Cee Lo Green, if it's funky and you can dance to it, we'll play it. Hit us up at for booking, contact, or to take your party to the next level!

The Tasty Tones are: Cameron Kinghorn-Vocals; Riley Helgeson, Noah Ophoven-Baldwin-Trumpets; Nelson Devereaux, Jason Fabus-Saxes; Brandon McQuaid-Trombone; Joe Strachan-Keys; Taylor Donskey- Bass; Andres Crovetti-Drums

Nelson Devereaux - Tasty Tones


Pantages - Pit Orchestra (AIDA)

Nelson - Pantages

Theatre Latte' Da on Facebook

Theater Latté Da
Theater Latté Da
1170 15th Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414


Chihuahua City

Nelson - Chihuahua City

dVRG-keyboards, Jeremy Ylvisaker-guitar, Greg Schutte-drums, Nelson Devereaux-alto saxophone, Jon Davis-bass clarinet

Nelson Devereaux - Chihuahua City


Courageous Endeavors

Nelson - Courageous Endeavors

The best measure of the vitality of the Twin Cities jazz scene is the increasing number of young musicians studying in the area and/or coming home or moving to the Twin Cities to launch their careers.

Four of these upstarts come together to form a new ensemble at the Artists Quarter in St. Paul on Wednesday, September 26th. With Nelson Devereaux, Joe Strachan, Brian Courage and Miguel Hurtado, “Courageous Endeavors” will live up to its name!


Adam Meckler Orchestra

Nelson - Adam Meckler Orchestra
Adam Meckler - Composer/arranger/conductor/soloist 
Trombones: Nick Symen, Keith Hilson, Mason Hemmer, John Sens 
Saxes: Jason Fabus, Tyler Anderson, Ben Doherty, Nelson Devereaux, Angie Hirsch 
Piano: Steven Hobert 
Guitar: Evan Montgomery 
Bass: Graydon Peterson 
Drums: Peter Hennig


Nelson Devereaux - Adam Meckler
Nelson Devereaux - Adam Meckler Orchestra


Jazzland Wonderband

Nelson - Jazz Wonderland Band
We are a Minneapolis based sextet, specializing in the popular jazz of the 1910′s through the late 1930′s. The Stylings of Louis Armstrong, Bix Biederbecke, Benny Goodman, and Pete Fountain are some of the influences that you can expect to hear coming off of the stage at a Jazzland Wonderband show.
Nelson Devereaux - Jazzland Wonderband

Hustle Rose

Nelson - Hustle Rose

The band takes musical influences from soul and funk legends Al Green, Funkadelic and Prince with a lyrical and vocal influence of John Mayer and Raphael Saadiq.

Live Instrumentation

David Glen - Vocals, Guitar 
Ian Young - Bass 
Bret Denison - Piano/Synth/Keyboard 
Nelson Deveraux - Saxophone 
Noah Ophoven Baldwin - Trumpet 
Miguel Hurtado - Drums
Nelson Devereaux - Hustle Rose

New Sound Underground

Nelson - New Sound UndergroundNew Sound Underground - FB